A big celebration!

Here at Thresher Shark Divers we don’t need an excuse to have a party, but on the 11th of February we had ten!  So staff and customers alike were invited to help us celebrate, with festivities that went on way into the morning!

Andrea and Chris both celebrated their birthdays, Manuella reached her 100th dive, Martin and Martina both qualified as PADI Divemasters after the final snorkel test…

Martina's Snorkel Test, Malapascua Philippines
Martina gives the okay to start her snorkel test, while Martin looks on in dread....
Martin, PADI DM, Malapascua Philippines
But he survived his snorkel test! New PADI Divemaster Martin with Instructor, Jo
Martina, New DM
Martina, new PADI DM with Instructor Angus


….and we had 5 freshly qualified PADI Instructors who just completed the PADI IDC and passed their Instructor Exam that day. Another 100% pass rate for TSD!  A big ‘Well done’ to Lee, Henry, Mac, Martin, Judith and of course their Course Director, Rich. The biggest IE ever on Malapascua hopefully means plenty more to come!

The night commenced with liquid award ceremonies….


TSDs newest PADI Instructors, L-R: Mac, Henry, Martin, Judith and Lee


…and ended with some bizarre Filipino party games: Trip to Jerusalem, Musical Chairs, Apple Munching, Egg Breaking, Tomato Dance and Paper Dance, with prizes given to the victorious.


Apple munching....
Games on Malapascua
... Egg Breaking....
Games on Malapascua
...Tomato Dance. or is that Tomato Squashing!

Strangely enough the games all seemed to be sly variations on the theme of getting very close to the opposite sex, so much fun was had by all!


  1. Roger & Carole

    Well done Lee! What next aye?

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