Before and after houses!!!

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  As you may know, Typhoon Haiyan destroyed many of our staff’s houses and we set up a fundraiser to help them rebuild. So that you can see our progress and so we can have proper documentation ourselves, we have done our … Read More

Rebuilding the School

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  We are really pleased to be involved in some really exciting, innovative work that is underway for Logon Elementary School on Malapascua.     The school was badly damaged in the typhoon, but everyone felt it was important to … Read More

Rebuilding homes: Phase 2

  Our last blog entry about TSD’s relief efforts discussed the destruction of most of the houses on Malapascua and our plans to rebuild the homes of our staff members using the very generous donations we have received since the typhoon. TSD … Read More

Start of the rebuilding

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  When the typhoon first hit, I knew that many of our staff would need money to have their homes rebuilt. So I immediately started our typhoon relief fund, hoping to help with the worst of the destruction.  I honestly thought that, if we … Read More

Snorkel Test!

  TSD’s PADI Pro Program is back with a vengeance! Yesterday we certified 3 new Divemasters!!! James, Clive and Peter have been with us for quite some time now completing their DM courses and they got more than they bargained for when … Read More

Typhoon Update: Day 9

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I moved to Malapascua 10 years ago and have been torn apart by what has happened this week. As the owners of Thresher Shark Divers, Trevor and I have put our everything into TSD and the island over the years … Read More

Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) Update

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Our facebook updates about the effects about the recent typhoon that devastated Malapascua are getting longer and longer, so I think it’s time to switch to the blog 🙂 Our fundraiser is really taking off and we have a whopping … Read More

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