Creature Feature: Flamboyant Cuttlefish

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Pfeffer’s flamboyant cuttlefish, Metasepia pfefferi, are a  favorite of underwater photographers here in Malapascua. They  display stunning changing colours and patterns and actually “walk” along the bottom of the sea, the only cuttlefish species known to do so.  These tiny … Read More

Creature Feature – Sea Moths

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We have some weird critters here in the waters around Malapascua Island, making it a photographers dream. But one of the weirdest of all are the sea moths which can often be found walking (yes walking!) around in pairs. The … Read More

Celebrations in Oscars!

Thresher Shark Divers celebrated in style again last night with not one, but three special events. First up were eight new PADI certifications – everything from PADI Advanced Open Water to Equipment Specialties. As usual, each student – and their hard-working instructor … Read More