Our Newest Divemaster Trainee!

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Luwill is a local lad; a relatively new member of staff who has been with us for about a year now. With his excellent English, fine sense of humor, and his position as main boat boy to meet and greet guests when they first arrive at the port to Malapascua Island, he has quickly turned into a customer favorite.


Luwill, like many of the locals, has dreamed of becoming a PADI Divemaster for a long time. It is a much sought after job: as well as being very enjoyable work,  the Filipino DMs enjoy high prestige on the island, and make a very good salary.  This will help him support his wife and children.

A couple of months ago, Luwill very nervously approached us and asked to talk.  We were worried something was wrong, but it turned out something was right!  We were very happy to hear that he had an anonymous sponsor who wanted to pay for his diving courses through to Divemaster level!

As soon as we said this would not be a problem, his worried look turned to a big beaming smile and he has been bursting with excitement ever since!

So Luwill started his courses. Instructor Angus, has taken Luwill under his wing for his training and he has been doing splendidly so far.  In fact, he was so keen to learn to dive that he begged an old Open Water manual off an intern and before the deal had even been sealed he had completed it, mastering the hardest part, the RDP Table, with ease.


Angus and Luwill

Angus and Luwill first met not long after Angus first arrived on Malapascua, on Angus’s first dive to Chocolate Island. He asked why it was called Chocolate, and Luwill replied, “The corals are sweet!!!” Luwill hadn’t even dived it at this point but the enthusiasm was clear!

So started the courses….

On his first Open Water confined session, a frogfish decided to join them, and its odd shape and gait quite flummoxed Luwill, but he went with the flow.  And on Open Water Dive 1, he managed to find a clouded moray eel – a sure sign of a laser-eyed spotter to come!

On Open Water Dive 2, a nice juvenile batfish showed up and he already had his buoyancy down; even better that the DMT assisting!

Rock star buoyancy!
Rock star buoyancy!

He spent his third dive pointing out everything that tasted good (that’s a habit we will have to get him out of!) but he soon started spotting nudibranchs, which can be poisonous, so he presumably does not eat them!

And by his forth dive, he was a perfect, trim diver, wearing only 1kg of weight.

He has since completed Advanced and Rescue and finally started his PADI Divemaster course last week.

Buoyancy Dive
Angus's patented "Hover over my knife handle without smashing into it" skill on the Buoyancy Dive
Navigating a square on his PADI Advanced Nav Dive
Naturalist Dive
Already learning about the fauna on his Naturalist Dive

We will be very sad to lose him as chief “Meeter and Greeter” when he quits his job next week to concentrate on his DM Internship full time, but he already has the makings of another great TSD DM!



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