Project Aware kids night

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TweetLast night we went into the community and presented an evening on conservation to the local children of Malapascua. We estimate a turnout of over 500 kids of all ages. We started the evening by giving out Project Aware information … Read More

Dive for Earth Day 2009

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TweetAnother successful cleanup day for Dive for Earth day with a two part effort. In the morning we cleaned up the beach collecting many sacks of rubbish. TSD staff and customers along with enthusiastic local children got well stuck in. … Read More

Whale Shark !!!

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TweetWe have had reports recently of whale sharks congregating in an area a couple of hours from Malapascua and are in the process of investigating it more fully. Occasionally we see whale sharks from the surface including one recently at … Read More


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TweetApril last year was the best month of the hammerhead season, and April 2009 is certainly living up to that. We have had incredible hammerhead sightings over the last couple of weeks. Throughout the 2009 hammerhead season, which starts in … Read More

PADI Project Aware recognizes TSD

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TweetWe are very proud to announce this week that we have been notified that we will be the recipients of not one, but two PADI Project Aware Environmental awards TSD is the winner of the PADI 5th Annual Project Aware … Read More

Great diving

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Tweet2009 has been a fantastic diving year so far in Malapascua. As well as plenty of thresher sharks and manta rays we have seen some other amazing things: A pod of pilot whales with babies swimming past Calangaman Island Hammerheads … Read More

Sharx, sharx, sharx

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TweetWhat a great dive this morning. 10 sharks in total! Including a group of 4 and a group of 3. This isn’t just a one off event. Since November 2007, shark sightings have been on the increase, and they just … Read More

PADI 5 Star IDC Center

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TweetToday we are very proud to announce that Thresher Shark Divers has been granted the honor of becoming a PADI 5 STAR IDC CENTER! We are now one of the highest levels of PADI Dive Centers and will be teaching … Read More

Hammerhead Season is here

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TweetToday we made our first trip of the HAMMERHEAD season out to Kimud Shoal. Not sure if they had yet arrived at Kimud, the group descended into the blue down to 40 meters. As they worked their way up, they … Read More

Christmas Party

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TweetLast night was the TSD 4th ANNIVERSARY PARTY.  The party is our traditional annual celebration of Thresher Shark Divers and a thank you to our wonderful staff who now number around 40 people.  They were almost all in attendance along … Read More

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