Announcing… TSD TEC!!!

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Tweet Technical Diving comes to Malapascua!!! TSD TEC is now officially the only technical diving facility on Malapascua. With twins, stage tanks and helium we can now dive deeper, longer and more safely. Trevor is now teaching IANTD courses and … Read More

All Inclusive Internship Program

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TweetTSD is proud to announce its Change of Life Divemaster Professional Program. This is an all-inclusive program, between two and six months long, that will give you everything you need to be a competent PADI dive professional. Everything is included, … Read More

Trevor’s Triumphant Return

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Tweet Trevor returned today from Tech Asia in Puerto Galera. He was triumphant in having passed his IANTD Technical Instructor courses, not least of which was the grueling two hour swim test. Accompanying him were endless boxes of goodies full … Read More

Malapascua Mola-Mola

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Tweet NO-ONE could believe it when Mike came back from his dive having spotted a three meter MOLA MOLA Ocean Sunfish!!! Never before heard of in Malapascua waters, this gentle giant cruised into the cleaning station on Manta Point like … Read More

How Many Sharks???

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TweetOur shark dive yesterday was a very successful dive indeed. No more than five minutes into the dive, our groups had multiple thresher shark sightings at Shark Point and Manta Point. No less than FIVE threshers were spotted in total … Read More


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Tweet Welcome to the new Thresher Shark Divers blog! Here you will be able to keep up to date with the recent events on Malapascua Island and the latest news from TSD. There are lots of exciting changes coming to … Read More

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